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      RFQ for Our Machines


      1. When is the delivery or lead time?
           Depending on your order: for whole production line it is 45-60 days. bottle or tube filler, labeler, liquid and cream filler, capper, unscrambler will be 35-45 days. Other simple equipment will be around 10-15 days. The above lead time is calculated after receiving the down payment as well as sample bottles / tubes and materials for making the mould and testing. 

      2. Is there a minimum quantity to place an order?
           No, You only need to buy 1 set as minimum quantity for any machine and spare parts.

      3. How about the payment terms?
           We accept TT with 40% as down payment and the balance 60% before the machine ship out. Also L/C at sight, Western Union, via Alibaba is acceptable. Bank details will be provided.

      4. What is the mode of delivery?
           Customer will be undertaken for the shipping freight and insurance. We can arrange the delivery of goods by sea or air.

      5. What is the power supply requirement?
           Generally we can customised according to customer's requirements either 220v 1phase or 110v 1phase
      380v 3phase or 220v 3phase, etc. 

      6. What about the shipment packing?
           We are using standard export packing materials - Free of Fumigation Plywood case.

      7. Who is going to install the equipment?
           Generally, customer can install the machine only according to our user’s manual and video. If you want to visit our factory for equipment inspecting, we also can do installation training for you. of course, we also can send our engineer to your factory for commissioning. Buyer needs to pay round air tickets, hotel and service expenses. We will supply testing videos for ordered equipment and user’s manual along with shipment of the machine.

      8. How about the after sales service?

            We will provide maintenance support for any issue with the equipment for its whole life. If the equipment is still under our one-year-warranty, we will replace and repair the faulty parts free of charge and buyer will only need to pay freight. If the faulty parts are in stock, we can send out within 3 working days.










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