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      company at a glance



      Changzhou The One Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the fastest growing packaging machinery companies in China that has constantly followed a path created by its own will, hard work and determination. The One Packaging is involved in research, manufacturing and marketing of packaging machines.

      We are specialized in packing and packaging machines including filling machine, bottling machine, rinsing machine, capping machine, tube filling and sealing machine, aluminum foil sealing machine, labeling machine, unscrambler, turntable, counting machine, cartoning machine, monoblock filler stopper capper, production lines, mixer, vacuum homogenizer, pump, pouch packaging machine, and non-standard packing machine for cosmetics, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, health care, personal care, skin care industry.

      Here at The One Packaging, our vision is to build the leading name of international partners. With the faith of "meticulously manufacture, integrity service, customers reassurance, technology innovation, people foremost, the brand image-building." we will satisfy the customers with its noble quality, refined craftsmanship, modest price.

      We approach not only to supply the high-quality packaging machines, but also to provide high-quality service. Today's growth of the company is a result of regular technologies improvement and observance of the quality concept. We will try our best to meet all requirements of clients about packaging machines. Today, The One packaging machines have been installed in 45 countries in the world and are well appraised by our overseas customers. We have achieved the very important first step towards our vision.

      Hope to get your inquiries and we will have a happy cooperation soon!


      what we offer

      Nice Cooperation

      We can help our customers start their packing machines business soon, no matter they are big company or small company that just started. 

      Fast Delivery Time

      For some smalll semi-automatic machines, we can deliver them within 3-7 days.

      Become Our Partners

      For some machines like digital filler and piston filler, if you have a big quantity and need more competitive price, please contact us, you can become our partners overseas.

      Reliable Technologies

      We have been in the packaging machines industry over 12 years. We have seen lots of machines and manufacture lots of machines, so we difinitely can supply you what you want, just please tell us your detailed requirement.

      24/7 Support

      You can send us emails about any help you need from us at any time and any where. Once we get your email, we will give you reply.

      Certificate Preparation

      Now we have CE certificates for most of our machines. If you need some other certificates, please contact us.

      Professional team

      Martin Li (Sales Manager)


      Jin Cai (Service)


      The One Sales


      The One Service


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